Time and time again, I hear designers and other small business owners saying that business is slow, that they need new clients, that they don’t know how to reach new people… all the while they’re ignoring their best source for continuous income: their past clients.

What could be better than continuing to work with people you already know and love working with? Sure, not every past client is someone you want to keep around forever, but why not follow up with those you enjoyed working with and continue to help them reach their goals, while reaching your own?

Past clients are the best clients

Not only do you already know how they work, their quirks, and probably have some insider knowledge of what they’re all about, but you’ve already done the hard work of vetting them, making sure they’re a good fit and that they pay on time.

Why wouldn’t you want to work with someone like that again and again?

It’s a symbiotic relationship.

Working with past clients allows you to form long-term business relationships that benefit both the client and yourself! The client gets the benefit of having you in their pocket when the need arises, and you get the benefit of not only additional (possibly regular) income, but seeing the long-term effects of your expertise!

Imagine this: you’re a web designer who makes incredible websites for small business owners. You’ve worked with some amazing clients who are going places--but if you only offer a website and then it’s “see ya later” then you’re missing out on all the fun! By offering a range of follow-up services and keeping in touch, you’ll not only get to see where your clients end up, but you’ll be a big part of the process!

As an added bonus: past clients you keep in touch with tend to refer new clients, reducing the amount of hustling you have to do to bring in new customers!

I can say, without a doubt, that my best clients have been repeat customers that I’ve been able to continue working with as their businesses grow and change--I’ve enjoyed keeping in touch with them and seeing not just where their businesses take them, but their where their lives take them. I’ve helped clients prep for everything from product launches to new babies, and have been honored to be a part of the process.

In this course I’m going to share with you my tips for creating products and services that continue to serve your clients and keep them coming back for more, my schedule to make following up easy-peasy, and my scripts and tricks to make keeping in touch completely non-sleazy.

Because when clients remember you, they remember to re-hire you.

So let’s do it.

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